Hi guys! So I've recently found this video on youtube and it seems a lot easier to play MoP the way this asian kid does. It seems like he doesnt make those 3/5 to 5/7 slides, than open E, than 6/8 to 5/7 and 3/5 to 5/7 again. (what a pain in the ass eh?) It more seems as if he was doing some hammerons or something, I don't know, it's not as authentic metallica sound as the original, but I am trying to play this and sing at the same time, and this would be a great solution for me, as I am a noob yet.

Can anyone help me tab out the main riff and the chorus part? I'd really appreciate it.

Here's the vid:

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He doesn't play the E string in what would be slides. He hammers from x55-x77 and slides from x88-x77. Part 2 of main riff seems like normal..

Chorus doesn't seem easier than the regular chorus..he just uses different bass notes in some of the the palm mutes

The slides in this song are just a practice thing...like if you can do the rest of the song it shouldn't be the hardest part.
Thank you Sir!
That's what I, actually, did figure out my self, though I wasn't sure and it just wouldn't sound right, when I did it. So it is "smoke under water" style chords w/e, right?
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