so im moving to a thin wall apartment , right now oim at home with my parents my only playing time is after work during the evening so im playing 95 % of the time with heapdhones .

i need something that sound good with headphones , im using a vox amplug right now , but its not really convincing .

theres a lot of unit axe fx II , kemper profiling , eleven rack , pod hd , pod xt .

is there a particular one that sound good for high gain sound . ive heard the pod hd doesnt sound good through heapdhones , same for the kemper profiling , . i dont about the axe II , its pretty expensive .

i was thinking pod hd , but i wanna make sure it sound good with heapdhones .

i also have active studio monitors KRK Rokit6 G2 .

how good are line 6 pod product ??

any suggestion ??
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HD is solid for what you want, the fact you can plug into your laptop and play tracks through it at the same time is a nice touch, t

The AxeFX is the most "in depth" and probably over kill for what you want.

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POD HD is a good option if you want a Unit - PC setup. It's good for recording too.

If you want an actual amp, look at the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. It's a lot less flexible, but it sounds better IMO. So there's kind of a trade off there. And it is a different beast, amp vs DSP/MFX. If you were to get an amp in the future, even a Line 6 DT, you would have a (potentially) better sounding and more flexible setup than the Vypyr. Just depends on how you want to go about it.
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I used my Line 6 Toneport throughout college living in the dorms. It worked great and was very easy to record with. I'm pretty sure the software for it is a free download on Line 6 and the toneport itself runs about $50 used.
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is there a significant difference between a pocket pod and the hd desktop ???

i really want the best to play with headphones .
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Pocket Pod is older tech. HD is Line 6's newest and better line.
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Quote by Skysc
is there a significant difference between a pocket pod and the hd desktop ???

i really want the best to play with headphones .

Yes. I have a pocket pod. It's fine for some stuff and is very easy to use. It's one of the few Line 6 products I've used where I like a decent number of factory presets. It's good for what it is. The HD500 (haven't tried HD Desktop) is way better. Way more complex too though.
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HD floor units and the desktop HD are a bit different.

If you're often playing near or with a computer, look at the Line 6 UX1. You can stick your monitors on it if you want to amplify the sound; otherwise, it works like an external sound card and accepts headphones. It'll allow you to use software for amp emulation, which gives you far more options than any self-contained unit. The only particular drawback is there's no way to flick between sounds quickly as you would with a multi-channel amp and footswitch.

The desktop POD products 9HD or otherwise) basically work the same way, only the sounds are within the POD itself. This is more useful if you think you may want to take the unit to use on another computer, but otherwise offers no particular advantages.

If you want a 'real' amp that can be used with headphones, pretty much any solid state or hybrid modeller with a headphone jack will do. Truth is, there is no amp that sounds better or worse with headphones than others. What headphones you use will define the quality of the sound more than the amp itself, in these cases. Everything will sound terrible with earbuds. You've got a good shot of things sounding nice with a good set of Sennheisers. Even then, nothing will sound the same as it would through instrument speakers.
For my money, the Line 6 amps are still the best way to go. They make 'em to sound the same at any volume. Your headphones still won't reproduce sound in the same way speakers do, but it's a surer bet than anything else.
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