Hello everyone, I'm unsure if I should post this into the big sticky topic for beginner tabs or in this one, as it's more detailled than asking for tabs :s anyway,

Some months ago, I enrolled in a fingerpicking guitar course, having never played the guitar before, and now I've been over some songs, I'm looking for specific song ideas that sound really good when fingerpicked, without being too "next-level" and of genres that don't really appear in the class.

I already have and seen (in the class) the tablatures for (beginner) blues songs like Mississipi blues, One kind favor or more modern songs like U2's With or Without you, Yesterday, Wonderful tonight, streets of london ( and I've researched into House of the Rising sun,etc. ) .

Now I wondered if some people here happen to know (beginner) songs like these, but coming from the rock/punk/metal(?) genre that sound really well when tabbed for fingerpicking, and that have hopefully already been tabbed for fingerpicking ?

This is a good example of what I mean, not too hard, sound really well for an beginner to play, by Linkin Park:

Thanks in advance
Apologies, I missed it it seems, thanks a lot, good list you have there.