its been a while. ive been seeking out new inspiration and ways to live and think and i think ive changed a lot as a songwriter because of it. say whatever youd like, id love to read any words youd share with me. peace and love!
Sun God Ra.gp5
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i'm stoned as fuck and this just blew my mind.

really jazzy (to me). great chord usage and chromaticism. beginning themes were great, and the build-up led to the ending very nicely.
I don't know about mythology and songwriting but I don't think jazz is the best genre to represent Ra...

Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun and light, and was even considered the creator god by the ancient peoples. Common themes to express him in song would be something happy and full of life, but also there should be a semblance of the power he possesses as the ultimate creator god and the controller of all life (literally, he empowers photosynthesis through creating the sun).

If I was asked what a nice song about the Egyptian god Ra would sound like, I would say it could be anywhere from a bombastic "and then there was silence" esque song, to a hard and crunchy egyptian death metal song like something from Nile.

Either way, your song was a pretty good jazz song . The name just didn't seem fitting, but to each his own right?

Also this isn't really a crit, just my 2 cents