Ok I have been playing guitar awhile 3 yrs but juss learning riffs I wanna do full songs
bands I love
led zeppelin
bb king
stevie ray Vaughan
Kenny wayne shepheard
the beatles
rolling stones
eric clapton
and anything like that
juss tell me if you have any tips on easy songs , amps , guitars , guitarist . Plz reply
Rock and Roll by Zep is a good place to start....and as far as the solo goes, he never really played it the same way twice, so in theory you could just kinda do your own thing using A minor pentatonic (it might be A major I forget) and could have some fun with it...the main riff is super easy
I'm in the same boat man... I'd say do some easy songs instead of working on something outside of your technical abilities. And maybe select one song to challenge you on the edge of your abilities. Start with anything by Kiss, like Love Gun, Detroit Rock City, remember to tune down a half step. AC/DC just about anything, Dirty Deeds, Let there be Rock, Thunderstruck. Clapton's Layla, Sunshine of your love. That should get you started.
Yeah definitely work on the simpler aspects of the songs before you try and tackle the whole thing.

As far as guitars and amps go, what do you have now? Any decently adequate rig should do the job, unless you're playing through really cheap stuff.
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