First off, greetings everyone!

So I'm thinking of possibly starting to play some classical guitar. I've played everything from piano, clarinet, to bass and some electric guitar. I'm very familiar with basic music theory and can read sheet music.

I really love the sound of classical guitar, one of the few instruments that can make me stop in my tracks and just sit with my eyes closed and soak it in. I've really shied away from learning it because It feels so complicated. But I think i might step out and try it.

I have a few questions though that maybe you chaps can help with.

1. I hate to buy a guitar and then find that I'd much rather stick with listening to classical and then have it sit. No way around buying one, but anyone have a suggestion on decent beginner friendly guitars $<400; that one could experiment on and move up later? I don't mind buying used; I'd much rather get a $800 guitar used for $400, rather a new $400 guitar.

2. I have no money for lessons. I know good technique is extremely important in classical guitar; Is it possible to self teach off of the internet (coming from a guy that knows how to read music and knows music theory)

3. Practice is important with any instrument. Can anyone suggest a effective practice routine for a classical guitar?

1. Admira makes some decent classical guitars for a reasonably cheap price, you'll get a solid top and some good tone out of them for around $400. But I've heard they moved their workshop from Spain into India due to expenses, so I'm not sure how their guitars are these days.
2. As for technique, I know a lot of electric players that have terrible technique when figerpicking and it could lead to RSI if they do it a lot, mainly due to the strain. So have a friend that is Classically trained look at your technique when you first start. So you don't start off wrong.
3. As for a practice routine, it's different for everyone. Can't help you there bro.
Classical technique is a very specific discipline. Instructors spend a great deal of time on the student's "embrochure" (posture and method of holding the guitar and hand position and all).
Also, classical guitar sheet music normally displays not only the written notes but the specific fingerings to be used, so you need to be familiar with the symbols.
Also, instructors spend a lot of time on the precise methods of plucking the strings, fingernail care, rest and free strokes, and all that.
Note that I don't play classical guitar.. (I do have a Yamaha guitarlele and it's a lot of fun!) All that I gleaned from reading the classical guitar columns in Guitar Player for some years.
You can't really go wrong with a Yamaha C-40 for a beginner's classical guitar. Alhambra guitars are good student instruments too up until the 4P model where the price to quality ratio begins to taper off and not be so great.

I would highly recommend finding a teacher who actually specialises in classical guitar to teach you but just know that there are lots of pure CG players out there who really aren't that great as players or teachers. You probably won't be able to tell who's solid or awful since you're new to it but good luck anyway.