Hey guys,

I recently got hold of a modded USA 2001 Strat. It's had three P-90 black soap bars installed, as well as a Fishman Piezo bridge. Anyway, I'm having some trouble identifying the P-90s. So, they're each effectively identical in appearance. Underneath the magnet cover, the magnet is in two parts, and the only marking to suggest what they could be is two thin black marker stripes on the neck pickup, on the magnet. Otherwise there's nothing. No serial number, no brand logo, just a standard black soap bar design.

I'm thinking they could be a recent but not current set of Gibson's as they seem very similar, but vary slightly in design. They sound great, but there are some wiring issues that I need to look at so I'm not sure how true the sound is right now. If anyone could help me identify them, I would be very appreciative .