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Hey guys, this is a track among others i have on soundcloud, this one being the most recent song of mine with lyrics. All guitars and vocals done by me

Tell me what you think of it


Cool man i enjoyed it. nice 90s Radiohead, Mansun, Pureessence vibe. Well recorded.

Vocals nice airy quality. Goes out of tune at the end of phrases and chorus. Good harmonies. Need to pronounciate words more i couldnt understand any. Maybe could do with more chest voice esp in chorus. Compression would help make vocals stand out.

Middle part bit unremarkable. Needs more angsty passion in middle. Maybe broken chords or riff somewhere also at intro and outro as song just starts and ends. Maybe do busier strumming in places.

Guitar sounds dull.. maybe new strings or better acoustic. Drums sound great v natural.. nice snare, but lower drums in mix abd add reverb. Cymbals sound clangy.

Id listen to this late at night walking home! Cheers
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Nice with something different, sounds very Radiohead indeed.
I feel the chorus melody needs to stand out a bit more, it's not very powerful right now. Maybe add some electric guitar fills?

I like the background singing aswell. But overall it feels like the song is missing something.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Appreciate it!

Yes i agree the song could do with some changes here and there, this was part of an assessment at school haha

Will keep your critique in mind for sure