Hi mate, here is my C4C.

First things first, I am not familiar with this song or genre, so my knowledge of what precisely you're trying to achieve in terms of sound and style may degrade my crit.
Having said that, I thought the overall product was really good. The playing was really good, not completely flawless of course, but really good; and all the instruments merged together quite well for the most part. Your vocals were good, probably on par with me or slightly better. Your pitch was great, and tone was reasonably good, but the flaw in terms of vocals was the sound quality and/or volume. The instruments were fairly overpowering in your cover, which made it hard to hear you at times. Overall, great cover, I liked the one man band thing.
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Really good!
Very impressive playing all the instruments, I still need to learn to play drums.
Can't find anywhere to fault tbh! Instruments sound good, as do vocals, as does the overall mix.
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I love The Smiths and this song, and you did it loads of justice! I agree with one of the comments above me saying the instruments are a bit overpowering, and I want to highlight that cause the singing is very good, you have that good ol' Morrissey vibe to it! I really enjoyed the vid! I saw this is your first vid on youtube and I subbed cause I'd love to hear more!

c4c? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz45PdKogUw check out my other vids to if you want!
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