Hey guys, I've been playing for around 8 years now and I have pretty solid chops, but the one thing I have always struggled with are inside picking runs.

Stuff like this:

It seems like no matter how hard I really try and practice it, it never seems to flow as nicely as my "outside" picking. Does anyone have tips for me?
Something that really helped my inside picking is an exercise from John Petrucci's Rock Discipline DVD:


Do that with a few random E form major barre chord shapes. Use strict alternate picking. Once you're comfortable with it, start with an up stroke instead of a down. Then, do it over again, this time playing each note twice before going to the next one. Again, first do it starting with a down, and then starting with an up. Then do it all over again playing each note 3 times, then 4 times, etc.
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for smoother picking pick closer to the neck - above the neck pickup e.t.c. you'll get that smooth malmsteen hollow pick sound.

for more staccato picking - closer to the bridge pickup, sounds like you'll prolly know all this anyhow.

Picking closer to the neck also makes outside picking a lot easier - since the angles involved with hand and pick - make missing the strings on the outside jump a piece of cake. And the reverse is true - closer to the bridge means you have much more chance of hitting the strings on a outside jump. It's completely counter-intuitive. For some people inside picking is easier picking near the bridge pickup - try it see what works for you.
Honestly, assuming you're doing the usual "relax, practice slowly, small motions" and so on I'd say you just need more practice in this specific field.

Try these exercises, they're very efficient at improving your picking because they practice all the different kind of picking strokes you'll need to use.


I recommend these a lot but honestly I feel they're one of the best ways to improve picking, and you only have to do them each for maybe 10-15 minutes a day (half that time you should start on an upstroke and the other half on a downstroke by the way, helps the exercises apply to even more situations).
I wrote this exercise a while ago (though it's simple enough that it's probably everywhere) and it really helped me. It's easy on the left hand so lets you focus on the right, and I like the way it does a couple of quick string crosses then makes you stick to a string for a bit, to get you used to crossing then actually doing something on the string you crossed to. I play it as sextuplets usually it seems to lend itself well to that.

E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------5---5--8--5--8---
B ---------------------------------------------------------------5-----5--8--5--8----8--------------
G ----------------------------------------------5----5--7--5--7----7--------------------------------
D -----------------------------5----5--7--5--7----7-------------------------------------------------
A -------------5----5--7--5--7---7------------------------------------------------------------------
E --5--8--5--8---8----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

and descending

E -5--8--5-----5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ----------8-----8--5--8--5-----5----------------------------------------------------------------
G -----------------------------7----7--5--7--5------5---------------------------------------------
D -----------------------------------------------7------7--5--7--5-----5--------------------------
A ------------------------------------------------------------------7-----7--5--7--5-----5--------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8----8--5---
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