Has anybody tried this guitar? I went to guitar center and played it, and to me, it had a very Martin-ish tone. It looked very nice as well. The abalone rosette was beautiful.
Mitchell's are Guitar Center's "house" brand, as I understand. They are made-in-Asia items and they have been expanding the line... I see now they offer some solid-top models and such.

I had one a few years ago, the 200 dollar-ish MD100 with the built in electronics. It was quite good for a cheapie! You could certainly see where they cut corners... It was all laminate, the battery for the electronics could only be replaced by sticking your hand in the sound-hole, and the end-pin jack was press-fit in... No retaining nut.
When I tried to pull my cord out the first time.... The whole thing came out and I had to re-solder the leads.
Still, it looked great and sounded pretty good for a cheap plywood number.
Try one and see if you like it.