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How do I strum a power chord on the fifth string (A) without hitting the sixth string? Like when Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day plays Welcome To Paradise or Paper Lanterns live?
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Practice. Don't hit that string.

Place your pick on the A string and strum it
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You'll learn to refine your own technique but what I do is pretty much stop the string from being played by silencing it with the thumb of my fretting hand.
Actually, I generally play an A power chord on the fifth fret like this
D 7
A 7
E 5
To avoid the open string.
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It does take some practice to avoid the low E string. However, I also mute that string with my first finger by having it just barely touch the string while also fretting the 5th string. I use my pinky to mute the 2nd string, too. This helps to make sure you never hear the wrong string being played.
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Quote by PSimonR
Just damp the 6th string with the end of your index finger on you fretting hand.

This! But you still have to practice hitting the right strings - the dampening is only for extra security and small misses that graze the 6th.
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Quote by PSimonR
Just damp the 6th string with the end of your index finger on you fretting hand.

amen to this
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it´s really all a matter of feel. It just takes some time to get used to the movements your hands needs to make to get it sound right. I started playing when I was about 15 and I was a lot into punk rock (I too liked green day a lot, but mostly stuff like rancid, minor threat, descendents etc.. :-) - and when it comes to this genre, well...power chords are really essential. The best advice I can give you is: watch other people playing as much as you can...if you dont get the chance, youtube also helps these days :-)