Hey guys, first post here.
Thought I'd post a song I wrote here for some feedback after being reccomended this forum by a friend. :-)
This song's called "Tiny Ditches"

EDIT: It wouldn't let me link to my soundcloud account... But if you just search for "Tiny Ditches Indigo Fool" you should find the song. :-)

There's another song on my soundcloud account too if you liked that one. :-)

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Quote by IndigoFool

I liked it Very atmospheric. Like a warm windy sunset in a picture.

Liked the reverb vocals and dry guitar. More percussion maybe deep bassy bodran. More dynamics in the guitar. Harmonies very nice but out of tune a lot. Needs a build up and rocky middle bit.

Went from Scottish accent to American. I liked the Scottish but im biased.
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Oops, I never noticed the accent shift! I am Scottish, I promise. ;-)
I'd love more percussion. I'm going to get a nice bassy part on it (Done with mallets etc) as soon as a have time to do some studio recording. :-)