I'm going to keep this short. From middle C on down I can sing good. From there to high C is my problem. 1: My "head voice" that I use to sing those notes doesn't have the fullness and sound it should. 2: When I try to "mix" , or add "chest" to sing these notes, my voice breaks up. I wish to sing like these guys:


but they usually sing up into the middle C to high C range and that is where I struggle. I've watched countless youtube videos trying to find out what I'm doing wrong or how to sing these notes and have it sound natural but I have not succeeded and that is why I'm posting this now. Here is a video of me trying to demonstrate what I'm talking about:


Thank you so much if you can actually help me.

BTW I was intentionally trying to keep a normal level and so it seems like I am holding back and you would be correct. I watched someone on youtube who said if you can't hit the notes at a normal level you won't be able to hit them when you project fully with your voice and so I figured I had to start at a normal level. Perhaps I am wrong.

Also, those are youtube links.
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Is a good video on hitting those high notes.

I would also suggest you learn to lip roll and tongue trill in that range. These exercises will help you to not strain to hit the notes, and will help calculate breathe control as you go higher in your range.
In order to mix, you FIRST have to develop a good head voice.

how do you know if it's developed? Basically you can check your head voice by how comfortable you can squeak your high notes. If high squeaky notes aren't comfortable, it's most likely not at the level you need. So you need to focus on singing with a small mouth, focus on your nose and squeaking.

Ok, so let's say you have your head voice. Now how do we mix? In mixing, we always want to start out in a head voice and sort of 'yawn' do blend in deeper resonances. Good sounds for mixing are 'vyo,byo,ve'. Also we HAVE to use the buzzy edge function of our vocal cords. singing buzzy will allow you to easily hit all of your high notes, while singing clearly will actually tighten up your voice and prevent you from mixing fully.
In order to mix, and before developping head voice, you should develop mixed voice.
There are some advices and explanations on youtube for instance from Kevin Richards, Hugh Hession...