My cables will randomly fall loose from my gutiar and cause masive buzzing, so I am looking for new, cheap ones.
Would I be right in saying the Proco are quality, low noise cables in that price range (about $12-20 for 10 ft)

Also How can I tell if it is a guitar or cable issue?
yep, i would be taking a look at the input jack


im assuming your already playing with cheap cables. that could also be the problem.

Spend the money and get some good ones. Its worth it
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I would look at Monster or Planet Waves. Monsters are slightly oversized to fit more snugly in the jack, and planet Waves have a banana style bulge which will hold the plug in the guitar better.

That being said, once you step up to either of those types of cables for a prolonged time, you're not going to be able to use standard cables because of their increased size.
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Monster and planet cables are great. Compared to instrument cables 7 months down the line, you will notice no rusting or corrosion in the metal.
Planet Waves cable tangles like a mutha licka.

Sounds like your input jack is stuffed though. Try cleaning it first and if that fails, replace it.
To clean it, spray some contact cleaner onto a plug and work it in and out of the socket a few times. ie. use the plug as an applicator.
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I use a Proco cable and it's great. But if your cables are falling out it might be your jack.

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