Recently, after buying a new electric guitar from eBay and not getting 100% what I expected, I've thought about building a Warmoth guitar, since I'd be able to customize everything about the guitar. The thing about going with Warmoth is that it would be more expensive than the guitar I bought in the first place. I estimate it would cost about $1,400, including the parts and to have a luthier/tech put the guitar together. For those who have built a Warmoth guitar before, was it worth it to you, and would you recommend building a Warmoth guitar to someone else?
I've seen some great guitars from Warmoth but honestly I would get a great Carvin for that same $1,400.
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"Worth it" is a relative term. If Warmoth has exactly what you want, and if you assemble it properly, and you can handle the cost, then yes. Warmoth makes its bodies and necks to very high standards, and their finishes are outstanding. So at the very least, you'll end up with an excellent guitar.
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