I would like an ESP/LTD with the following: Tremolo bar (Not Floyd Rose), 24+ frets, black or red color, and $500 is the max.

I'd also prefer Seymour Duncan pick ups and a maple fretboard.

I probably also should have mentioned that I would like one for metal and without a pickguard.

Thanks though!
You want the LTD 1000 series, I think MH is the model you're wanting. It has a duncan passives option and they're the cheapest of the three 1000 series models. It's very common to find them used for around $400. The Vipers are hardtail and about $600, and the EC-1000 Les Paul body ones are around $600 as well. Also hardtail.

I can't remember what trem system an MH-1000 has, but for your budget, you aren't going to be doing any better in terms of quality for price. It still has almost everything you want. Honestly dude, you're not going to get absolutely everything you want out of a guitar in sub $500 range, not with requirements that obnoxiously specific. Maple fretboard? I don't even know if LTD uses that.


Something like this, except obviously you want to buy it used online so you don't pay this price. Or get stuck with this ugly color when there are so much nicer-looking ones out there.
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just realized it doesn't have seymour duncan pick ups but they can easily be replaced
You can also try schecter, they're made by the same parent company and are really quite similar in most respects, as well as having non-Floyd tremolos on some guitars.
There are Schecter and Michael Kelly which are quite good alternatives to look at.
I believe Michael Kelly has stopped their Vex lines but plenty of them still find their way on ebay.

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Why not a Floyd rose? Are you looking for something with a strat style non floating trem?

I don't even know of any LTD's that exist with anything other than a floating floyd style trem.
Just throwing this out there, it's going to be extremely difficult/impossible to find a guitar with 24 frets and a non locking trem without going semi/full custom. There are certain archetypes and design patterns that all builders across the board follow. Some combinations of specs are just not made because there is generally no demand for them.
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