Hey guys!
Please check out the guitar playthrough of the first demo from my new band Omniscienta!
Don't be shy to request a C4C, i listen to all kinds of music!
If you like what you hear, please like our facebook page to show your support and keep up to date with our music.
You can also check out a vocal run-through of the song by our singer Fred on our page.

Thanks!!! http://www.facebook.com/Omniscienta
Interesting theme and riffs. The only thing is that the guitar doesn't sound an awful lot like a guitar lol. Sounds like it would be interesting to listen to on acid.

Check out my band's latest song. The recording quality of the instruments isn't the greatest but it works. I'm the vocalist

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This newly posted mp3

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As commented before, everything sounds slightly tripped out. Sounds very influence by The Faceless at parts

My main issue is that everything seems thin, lacking much punch. I recommend playing around with the EQing on everything, there seems to be alot of overlapping frequencies which causes a lot of the instruments to blend together in the mix without much separation. I can't hear the bass drum at all, that should be turned up quite in a bit in the mix, while the synths should be turned down a bit. Overall it's a really interesting composition, very progressive!
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Overall very good. Digging the cynic sounding part from 1:40. My only complain is that i dont like the tone and the vocals dosent sit well in the mix. But nice riffs overall. You could maybe add some more fills, runs etc....
Hey man, I'm replying to your crit on my song.

So, in the intro, this is a personal taste but I would mix up the rhythm guitar under the keys a bit more as it builds up. Make it repeat every 4 bars or so and you can make it complex without being too chaotic.

As for the keys themselves, I don't really like their tone? They seem to stick out from the rest of the instruments for some reason, I'm not sure why, but you should know that I am not really a huge fan of synths in general so that's more of a personal thing.

Production quality is good with the recorded instruments, but with this particular play through video, the guitar you are playing is too low in the mix to really hear. Vocals are solid though. Overall good tune, just a little personal differences I had.