So recently I've got into this british indie(?) band called Theme Park, and I think they're awesome. So as you attend to do, I went onto Ultimate Guitar to learn some of their songs, in particular their song Jamaica, and didn't find any tabs for them or the song I was really looking forward to learning (there not a 'big' band). So my next step was to maybe be kinda work out the song (Jamaica) through watching their live recordings of the songs and despite going over the videos for a good two hours I failed.... pretty badly.

So I was wondering if anyone either knew the tablature for the song (or any of their other material) or if anyone could help me work it out?

Thank you
Ah Theme Park are awesome! I caught them live last year supporting Bloc Party. been a fan ever since. I haven't tabbed anything in a long long time, and I would like to get back into it, so maybe I can work a few of their songs out? Are you looking for guitar or bass tabs? I can't really do powertab/guitar pro tabs, never got the hang of those, but text tabs I can handle. I can help you out, or try my best to tab a few songs out, their album is awesome
I've heard about them playing with them. Yeah that'd be great thanks. I was looking for a guitar tab. And text would be great, its was I've usually gone for. And yeah I love their new album
Ok a guitar tab it is, I've started now and it's not all that tricky it's just that there's quite a few guitar parts and stuff, I'll do my best to make it sound good!

edit : I got to about halfway through the song tonight, will finish it tomorrow and upload it, might take some time to be approved though, So if I post a link - if you could help get it approved, and give it a fair rating once it's uploaded - that would really help me out.
Just a few parts of the verse, and then the outro to work out - so far I've made out 4 guitar parts and tabbed them out as best and as simply as I can

edit (again) - here it is, pending apprval http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/home/tab_detail.php?tabid=1234273 let me know what you think
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Oh brilliant, just brilliant! Thank you so much man!

Happy to help, and tabbing it was so much fun that I decided to start tabbing again :P, play along and see how it sounds, sounds pretty much right to me. A comment or rating would help me out if you have time, and I'm in the process of tabbing a bunch of songs out now, but will probably tab out the album on guitar and bass over the next few weeks. So if there are any other songs you really want form the album, or even in general just let me know and i'll work on them for you.