Hey guys, i was wondering which bass is a better slap bass; p-bass v.s. jazz bass. I have played both and they sound just fine. I've had 1 pro tell me that the jazz bass is better, and my bass teacher told me the p-bass is better. Is there an officlial answer to my question?
There is no "better," they're just different basses. The Jazz is more the quintessential slap bass, that's the slap you've probably heard more often than not on recordings.

I've heard people slap just fine on a precision though too. To each his own and all that.
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A precision with a jazz pickup in the bridge

I'd say this. I've always liked the tone of PJ basses more than P and even JJ for slap bass... just need a maple board to go with it. The majority of the reason I prefer jazz basses for slap personally is the ergonomics of the instrument as much as the tone.
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I don't think any one bass would be better over another for slap. Sound is a personal preference like your teacher may prefer a Precision Bass over a Jazz bass. When I go out and buy a bass I play a lot of different basses and when I find the make and brand I like. I will go around playing different ones of that brand because each bass has it's own tonal center and is different from one of it brothers. If you prefer your Jazz over the Precision go for it. it is your expression of yourself. A Good teacher wouldn't say one bass is better then another because they would just be giving you their opinion. Like my opinion I prefer Jazz Basses over PJ or Precision basses and that's why I own 4 of them. Each of them has their own personality and tone. I also own 2 Ibanez 6 Strings basses and one of them if I play a song in the Key of D a lot I have to do a set up on it because it's tonal center is around the vibrations of D and sets everything off.

Remember though, when purchasing your gear play it first and see if you like it. Not every bass is for everyone. Play 10 different Jazz Basses and I guarantee you each of them will sound slightly different from one another.
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