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What would you say is the best rock song by someone over 50 years old? I've been suggested Bruce Springsteen's The Rising (52) and Radio Nowhere (58).

What are your thoughts?
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Anything Tom Waits has ever done because he was born fifty years old.
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Rolling Stones - doom and gloom..... Absolutely blew me away when I heard that last year
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I liked Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt". I don't know if that qualifies as the kinda rock song your lookin for but I thought it was pretty heavy.
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A lots of covers in my mind: "Hurt" Johnny Cash; "Darkness Darkness" Robert Plant; "Pablo Picasso" David Bowie.
For a really NEW song, it was "Laugh, I Nearly Died" from the Stones in 2005.
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Thunder on the Mountain - Bob Dylan