My buddy just inherited a 69 jaguar (lucky prick) and he asked me if I would ask you guys for some ideas on a case.

MAXIMUM protection
Budget Is 1500
He said he wants the most ridiculously padded, insanely secured, stupid expensive case to protect this thing
get a Hiscox hard shell case.
very light, very well padded and give superb protection against just about anything including thermal changes.
Is he looking for long term storage or something that will survive on the road? For long term I wouldn't rely on anything with foam coming into contact with the guitar. Anyone that's used a roadcase for an amp for a long time, or has stored firearms in foam can attest to that.

Jag's are hella cool guitars, they're my favorite non-Strat design that Fender came up with. The bridges are very cool on them too, there isn't another trem design out there quite like a Jaguar. A lot of people removed the rubber piece from the string dampener, apparently they cause the piece that holds it in place to oxidize and do funky things over the years. I'm not sure how true that is, everyone I've seen has either had it removed, or replaced with something more modern. I'm referring to the actual piece that comes into contact with the strings, the dampener pad itself.
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I read a review on a Rock Hard case surviving an airline baggage handler throwing a guy's double accoustic on the tarmac. The owner watched this thru his window. If it can survive that sign me up! Of course, they're priced accordingly...