So I've been getting into lorts of Santana recently, and I'll also be covering 'smooth' at a gig, problem is my rig is an AC30 and a US Standard Strat.

Can anyone help me achieve this Santana sound? What pedals would I need - what would get me really close to sounding like this with a strat and an ac30?

Since I'm not rich and can't afford hundreds of pedals, if you could recommend maybe one that would get me really close in case I am to just get one. I'm thinking if I were to get just one it'd be some kind of distortion pedal (the new crunchbox is out, I was also looking at the new lovepedal provalve or the suhr riot). I'll probably be pruchasing from here since these guys have this sort of equipment..


Budget for a single pedal $200ish

ONE thing that is REALLY important is that I'll need SUSTAIN. A strat with an AC30 has such little sustain, also perhaps a noise suppressor to make it sound more humbucker-esque? I'm really unsure, cheers guys

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You probably don't need that much. A good tube screamer will probably do you fine.

I know in the past he used a Big Muff too, so maybe grab one? You can buy both for under $200.
I have an SD-1 which basically is a tube-screamer and I'm really not liking the tone thats coming through with it, I barely use my SD-1.

Maybe I'm using it wrong..? Hahaha
you're in melbourne yeah? have you had a look on melband for anything second-hand?

and i'd recommend a triangle muff clone - santana used one early on. it's a lot different to the big muff sold today. i know a guy in doncaster who builds an awesome one if you want me to put you onto him.

or hell, i know burgs. have a look through his demos and see if there's anything you like, and i'll hit him up and ask him if he's looking to shift it.
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