I have been looking around and love the sound of the vintage JBL d130f speakers. I am good now and plan on using up the stock speaker in my amp but in the future I am going to replace the speaker. I have kind of settled on a speaker and want your opinions. Weber California 15" its spendy but has the specs I am wanting. What ohm speaker would you guys get for a single speaker amp like the Excelsior? 8? 16? feel free to suggest any others that I might have overlooked.
This thread confused me.

What are you wanting to achieve?
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the excelsior prob wants 8 right?

i'd go with a weber. i love my set of webers, well worth the price.
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I just want a better speaker, something nice and warm but with balls too. I was thinking 8 myself, I want to get the most from the 13 watt amp and I hear that it will get a lot louder with a better speaker. I love the tone, love the vibe but something someone posted on a youtube video rings true, it has a splattery sound when the chord breaks up. the tube swap gave it a better tone for sure but I just feel that an amp with this price point has a really cheap speaker and there should be a lot to gain by a swap. I see the ceramic version of the California is 117 which is tons better than the 238 the alnico costs. at that rate the speaker would almost cost as much as the amp. I want good cleans but nice distortion too. it has all this already I just cannot help but feel there is a real beast just waiting to be unleashed.
^ as i said in your other thread, your best bet really is to email weber.

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the excelsior prob wants 8 right?

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