Okay, I'm new at all of this. I just started my band and we have yet to sound right. My screams aren't very good, and my partner in screams cant scream in keys. Any tips on how to fix this?
I would first recommend that you learn proper singing technique first if you haven't already. Then I would recommend a program like Zen Of Screaming, which bands like Underoath learned to scream from.
Always practice on an O vowel, such as 'yo'. and keep your voice light and in your upper register.

Screams should happen in your nose, and they start small and slowly grow. trying to use full power in the voice will never work. Don't dip down to your chest voice, because that will cause you to push, always scream in the nose.
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As a screamer myself I am telling you that zen of screaming does not teach you anything that actually entails execution of a scream.
I do not know if your doing false chord or fry but for false chord you need to back up all your screams with proper breath support and be able to push.
As for fry you absolutely do not want to scream from your throat or you will most likely hurt yourself.
Fry is very delicate when it comes to your vocal chords.
Both techniques are extensive and I use both.
Check out the screaming thread it's very helpful for anyone