Hi I'm looking at downgrading from my half stack to a 2x12, I have no possible way of moving my half stack to jams or gigs as my car is small and I cannot lift it into my car by myself.

I'm looking at something around the $250-300AUD mark

It would be matched with a bugera 6262, I've been looking at perhaps just getting the stock standard bugera 2x12 for roughly $260

Does anyone know anything better or around the same for either cheaper or slightly more I could be looking at?
Jet City perhaps?
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Not much for $300.

For $200 more. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Orange-PPC212OB-2x12-Open-Back-Cabinet-/200909248052?pt=AU_Amplifiers&hash=item2ec71fd634&_uhb=1#ht_1338wt_1271

Framus 2x12s usually go for around $400-$500 on Melband and Gumtree. Loaded with V30's.

I'd save a little more for now.
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I was also thinking about grabbing the bugera 2x12 and swapping speakers as my half stack has V30's in it i'm pretty sure (or clones of them) but they sound pretty good.
^ i'd have said that's the wrong way round to do it... get a decent plywood cab and then worry about the speakers later. that way eventually you have a decent cab with decent speakers. if you get a particleboard/mdf cab so you can afford good speakers, the end result is a crap cab with good speakers.
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I don't know what Carvins availability is in Aus, but I have been more than pleased with my 2x12, $249 US, sometimes they go on sale for $199.
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