I bought my Squier VM Jaguar bass about half a year ago and finally managed to break it a bit. The thing is, I was moving it from my bed and when I picked it up it slipped and I dropped it. The stacked knob of the J pickup hit the corner of my bed and got busted. The J pickup now doesn't work, luckily the P one works just fine. I looked at it closer and it turns out it's bent from the blow it took and the whole potentiometer is broken. I took it to a music shop to have it looked at, left it there for it to get a replacement, but I got a call later that day from the owner, who told me he had no such stacked potentiometers in stock and I'd have to take it elsewhere or come back in like 2 weeks or something when he will restock the goods.

Currently the J knob is loose and I can take it out with ease if I pull on it, otherwise it stays reasonably still (I don't think it's fully mounted). So, luckily the P bass pickup works just fine and I'd like to keep on playing with my band with it. My question is, is there a risk if I take the broken knob out and just put some tape over the hole to cover it up until I get it properly fixed (I don't know when that will be), so I don't have to worry about the thing falling out and getting lost somewhere? The question is probably a bit stupid, but I'd like to make sure.


You should be able to find a replacement stacked potentiometer on websites like allparts and stewmac. Have a look through those websites, and maybe order the part then take it to the shop for them to fix it?
I guess you should do that, because you need to keep the knobs. You don't need to put tape over the hole because the pot isn't going to be fixed, you just need a new one.

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Since the guy I first took it too isn't the only person who does repairs in my town, I haven't lost hope that someone in here has the parts I need. If nobody has them I was considering ordering and pretty much doing what Lavatain, so thank you for the links! Just wanted to check if there would be anything to worry about if I removed the thing. Thank you!