I saw him back in October and recorded a few videos on my iphone, but one of them turn out not having any sound.

Would anyone possibly be able to see where he's playing on the neck and identify the song?

This was 10/10/12 at Ace of Spades venue in Sacramento CA, although I never found a setlist for that show.

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Based on the prior and following concerts of this particular tour, it's highly likely that this is the order his songs were played for this show

Racing the World
Building the Church
Tender Surrender
Gravity Storm
Dave Weiner Acoustic Guitar Solo
Weeping China Doll
John the Revelator
The Moon and I
The Animal
Whispering a Prayer
The Audience Is Listening
Harp Solo
Rescue Me or Bury Me
(Vai song)
Pusa Road
Salamanders in the Sun
Angel Food
Drum Solo
The Ultra Zone
Build Me a Song
For the Love of God
Taurus Bulba

So if you happen to know the songs before and after this one, you can probably pinpoint your answer and youtube the song name to verify. Without any audio, however, it's almost impossible to tell what song he is playing by cellphone footage alone.
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