It's a tune o matic bridge, gutair in question is a schecter Damien elite. My e and a strings are low when fretted. When I say the bridge is backwards I mean the side that you put the screwdriver into faces up (towards the neck of the guitar) now I don't know which way to turn it. It's low so do I turn counter clockwise (when looking down at it from the neck) to shorten the string?
I forgot to update this but my tuner was set to 442 hz I set it back to 440 and that was my problem. Just to be clear though, tightening the saddle (clockwise) should make it longer right? No matter which way the bridge faces.
If the bridge is facing the neck, screwing the saddle in will move the breaking point away from the nut, making it longer.

If the bridge is facing the tailpiece, screwing the saddle in will move the breaking point towards the nut, making it shorter.

In all honesty, it doesn't matter which direction a TOM faces. I set all of mine up facing the neck anyway, because it's easier to get the screwdriver in that side, rather then through the tailpiece - that's obviously a different story if you have a string-through body. Anyway, if you're unsure, make a micro-adjustment with your tuner plugged-in and make sure you're working in the right direction.
Aha so it does flip then, basically I just need to remember that tightening will move the saddle towards the screwdriver no matter which way the bridge faces.
Schecter really should put the bridge the other way on their string thru body guitars though.
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Or you know, you could think about how it's just a screw, imagine what a screw does, imagine which way your saddle will move and how it needs to move and then finish the job 110x faster than if you posted?

^ This.

Even if you couldn't mentally figure it out, you could've tried it anyway, if it went the wrong way then turn it back. This thread really is quite pointless...