Lookin for bands that have came out in the past five years or so.Not insulting anyone's musical tastes, but none of that pussy ass shit with whiny sounding screams. But I don't really like insanely deep screams or growling that make me feel like Satan is being summoned to butt-**** my soul.
Bands similar to All That Remains, Bullet for My Valentine?? I also really love me some Mudvayne. I gave Asking Alexandria a chance, but decided I would rather roll around in broken glass with Magic Johnson than hear that shit again.
“If it seems like you are playing around and not practicing, that's when you know you really love it.”
-Jack Johnson

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Well damn. You caught me. I'm horribly gay.

Ask in the recommendation thread! But we're quite into Satan around here so you might not get much help

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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