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Only guitar I've sold was the pawnshop $75 telecaster knockoff that I started with. Still have my HM Strat that I bought in 1988
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Out of all my instruments, I only have one electric guitar. I'll never sell my Ibanez because it's the guitar I really learned how to play on, and it's the only one I've done any mods to. The thing is truly one of a kind, and it's my baby.

My Ibanez acoustic will probably be with me for a good 5-10 years because it's my most solid and professional sounding instrument.

My Takamine can suck a fat one. The bridge and neck are barely holding on to the body.
Probably until they break. I sold off my shitters.
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i'll play them until another guitar speaks to me louder than the ones I have. my Strat Plus probably will be with me a for a while the other 2 guitars I have who knows. the Vineyard strat has been with me for about 6 years now and still is my fav but I could still part with it if another axe came along. just got my Vintage SG copy and it's decent so will be with me a for a bit. been through a ton of guitars over my 30+ years of playing longest any of them has lasted is 15 years (modified Charvel Model 2).
I'm selling my RG350EX this summer for something without a Floyd Rose style trem. I hate that guitar...

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As much as I hate my first guitar I don't think I could ever sell it. Or my PRS because that is the guitar I actually learned on.
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They seem to have rotated in and out over the years and yeah...I've hocked a few that I couldn't afford to reclaim also. Although I don't have my first guitar, I do still have a Gretsch 6120 that I traded a hand gun for back in the early 70's. I guess I've probably had that one the longest. My current Strat and Tele are G&Ls (Legacy and ASAT Classic) and are the best of either I've ever owned so they'll likely hang around for some time to come. I've never owned a 'real' LP but several clones. I got a Charvel Pro Stock DS1 a few months ago and was totally blown away with how it played so the Epi went away (traded it to a friend who had to have it for a Cox 5E3 Tweed clone). My 335 has been around for something like ten years but, like the rest of you, they are all tradable should the right deal come around or (heaven forbid) hard times once again knock.
My MiA Strat I don't see selling or parting with in any way, as it seems to perfectly fit my hands. Whatever I want to play, I seem to be able to hit it with this guitar.

My Blacktop, probably. I have started having issues with it, that won't go away regardless of what I do. Plays well, but now it's all out of whack. I might be trading it out soon actually.

My LP definitely, and very soon. It's too heavy and uncomfortable to play for me, though part of that is a jacked up back from being rear-ended by a drunken illegal immigrant. Sound is fine, plays fine, but it bothers my back, so it goes. I'll probably just stick with Strats from here on out.

My 12 string Fender probably not, it's my oldest guitar now, my first new purchase guitar, and has survived my ex wife. I don't play it often, since it is a cheap 12 string, but I still have a fondness for it for all I've been through with it.

My grandfather's old 6 string acoustic will never leave my possession until I die. I've got to figure out how to repair the neck joint, where it's cracked, but other than that I will not get rid of it. It's probably worthless monetarily anyway, but priceless as he wore the fret board down he played it so much.

My Martin I could sell tomorrow if someone offered me a good price. Again, it's a good guitar, but I don't really care for the tone, and I can't ever seem to hit what I want on it. I very rarely play it, and kinda wish I hadn't bought it now.
Man, seeing how long you guys keep guitars makes me think I've got some sort of flipping/trading addiction.
I've never sold a guitar and never will, I still play my first guitar on a daily basis, been playing a little under 13 years. Selling a guitar after a few years to me is like giving away your dog after a few years.

None of my guitars are perfect but you couldn't force me to part with one of my guitars even for what some might consider a big upgrade, I wrote my music on those instruments, jammed with friends and played to thousands of people, they have memories attached to them and a character of their own, I know all their flaws and how to get the best out of them.

So I always expect a lifetime of playing when I get a new guitar, it's not just a tool to me that I replace every few years like buying a new car.
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Man, seeing how long you guys keep guitars makes me think I've got some sort of flipping/trading addiction.

The first step in treating an addiction is recognizing you have one.

Now, go sell a guitar and buy some therapy- perhaps some consumer therapy!
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I flip guitars but that hardly occurs. I started playing right at the end of my last year of high school so about 5 years ago. In that amount of time, I don't think I have found a true soulmate of a guitar. Let me explain. My first was a mid 00's Epi SG 400. It looked nice but had electronic issues and it didn't feel "right". I quickly sold it. My next, an Ibanez RG321 (or some variation thereof) was bought brand spanking new in '08. Again, electrical issues occured and the Wizard neck didn't quite agree with my hand- I put EMGs in it and sold it to a family member. Next in '09 was a Schecter C1 which initiated my infatuation with sunburst guitars- Great feeling neck, but the pickups and paint job were subpar. I sold it because of finances. My latest and greatest, an ESP EC 1000 with Duncan JB/59 is what I'll be playing for a while. I prefer the thicker neck of my Schecter to the thinner U shape of the EC, but other than that the EC is great.

All that being said, I keep an eagle eye out on craigslist and eBay. I'm one frugal son of a bitch, but if I find a great deal I will most likely pull the trigger. I have yet to find a neck shape that truly speaks to me, but until I do, I'll be playing my solidly built EC. It's easily the most versatile guitar I've ever owned, and if I ever decide to sell, I imagine I'll make a little bit of money on it.
My Gibson SG will never go.
My Ibanez RG7321 goes when I buy a better seven string guitar.
My classical Fender goes when it literally goes. It's a beater and sounds great in my opinion.
My modified Stagg was my first guitar and I'll probably not sell it unless I need 50 euros or less really badly. I yield no emotional value towards it, but it's not worth anything, so I just keep it.

Other guitars I've had but sold include a Les Paul Traditional, Epi Les Paul Standard and an Ibanez RG350EX.
I have plans to buy more guitars but I will never stop playing my trusty old Tele and i'll never get rid of my first guitar
For a loooong time, most likely.

Until I can afford more guitars, I'll just make the most of what I have.
I sold my first guitar and tossed my second one out.
I've been thinking about trading in my Ibanez JS100 and seeing if I can do a swap or a near swap with a local luthier for a 2nd Hand Mex Tele.

I don't see myself ever selling my 93 Stratocaster or my 2006 Cole Clark. I really like those two.
I can't really see me selling either of my electrics.
My Les Paul has been modded and has no real monetary value. It will forever be a modding/experimenting guitar.
My Framus is just an amazing guitar. I got it for an absolute steal. About a quarter of what it should be. The guy at the shop had no idea what it was and what it was worth. It would probably be really hard to sell anyway. Framus are a pretty underground brand so it would hold very little value to most over the deluxe strat it resembles and could be bought for the price I'd be selling for.
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I have heard excellent things about Framus. Lucky score!
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

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When i get this, i'll be keeping my Jaguar forever.
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As someone who got tired and moved onto a new guitar every few months, I don't ever see myself getting rid of my Suhr. She's "the one."
I've had my stratocastor for 10 years now. It's still in great condition and I hope to keep playing it for a long time.
every guitar i own today but possibly one are keepers. i went to upper 30's then down to the low teens (which would have been 8 or 9 electrics), now i am around 20 (five vintage classicals), but all has been sorted through. but keep in mind, i have never spent over $1000 on anything i have bought (including a new ibanez Prestige 3550MZ for under $700 with the case and with all the case candy from GC).

so the answer is is until i am dead or institutionalized no plans of either in the near future.
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As long as it keeps working is the plan. I really dig both of them, want to keep them both for as long as I can.

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