So yesterday i bought an Ibanez GIO GRX20. last owner wanted to mod it but never got further than taking all the hardware and such away that means i have only the clean body.
Im up for a repaint to black and then some drawings on it from the early days of metal.
although its my first build and i want it to be good so i need some of your help.
As mentioned the guitar is totally stripped the neck and body is also appart (intact but not linked) so i need some help on what hardware to choose and wiring schematics for pickups and so. The guitar will be used for whatever i want to play and that can range from Beatles to Children of Bodom

Ive thought of either a EMG S/S/81 setup with two volume 1 tone and 5-way switch.
originally it was built with a tremolo but im going to block that up and use a standard bridge.

list of stuff i need to buy
Bridge (no tremolo)
Pickguard (stratocaster, black couler is preferred)
S/S/81 (they come pre-wired)
any other piece thats normally on a guitar except tuners.

Economics is not above 3000 DKK or 520 USD or 400 euro.
Most parts would be bought from Thomann.de (if they have them)

Hope for some constructive advice. Thanks

As the build comes along i will put up some photos