I have a Vox AC15C2 tube amp that has a extension out jack in the back, with a switch to change the impedance. Using the proper speaker cable out from that jack, I would
like to install a 6 pole jack like cedric had photos of:
( [forbidden link] )
I bought a used Fender Frontman 212R combo amp and I will drill a hole and install
the jack: [forbidden link]

I copied and pasted the following from another site:

When you plug into the "EXTERNAL SP" jack, The internal speaker is disconnected. And you must set the impedance switch to match the external speaker cabinet. The jack it's self is switched to disconnect the internal speaker when you use it.

When you plug into the "EXTENSION SP" jack. The internal speaker is put in parallel with the external speaker cabinet.
The external cabinet must be 16 Ohms.
And the impedance switch must be set to 8 ohms.
This is because the 16 Ohms of the extension cabinet in parallel with the 16 Ohms of the internal speaker, equals 8 Ohms.

I downloaded the manual for the 212R and in the section M it makes me think you can use a different head or amp, I just dont get it.

So if I install the jack with the amp wires and speaker wires connected on the
large "leaves" then the amp and speakers will work just fine as normal, If I insert a
speaker wire jack into the new female jack ( with the 212R turned off and not plugged in ) then I should be able to use just the speakers in the 212r with the center wires going to the speakers ???

Thank you for any advice or help you can give me with this. I have to look up what the 212R is in ohms now, and possible may have to rewire.

The amp should be here on Thursday the 11th of April, and Id like to do the mod.