Hi, i've recently been on a tele project and I was keen to give spraying a try. I've had no real trouble up until laying down the lacquer.
The problem i'm having is fibres collecting on the lacquer before drying and it's obviously horrible to try and remedy.
I've got a pretty large shed where I hung up polythene sheets on the walls, floor and ceiling. I opened a window and made some holes in the sheets for ventilation. I also set up a small fan to help the air flow.
I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on achieving a dust free environment and if it's even possible in these conditions?
Would I be better off spraying outdoors?
I guess the stickyness of the lacquer really attracts fibres, and i find it hard to understand where it all comes from. It almost seems like the fibres are coming from the gun.

I'd get rid of the fan, it's gonna blow up and disturb anything in a shed area.

With out a completely controlled environment to spray in, your going to have some fibers, dust, etc.

What I've done for the two guitars I've done was; I wiped the body down with a tac cloth and did a wet sand after a few coats, then finished spraying, wet sanded, then clear. I did mine in the garage, and just hung some sheets around the area to keep paint off everything. I can't spot anything.