Hey forum!

So I've been playing around with my electrics and acoustics (putting aux electronics in Altoids tins, playing around with wiring, etc.) and I've noticed that one of my electric/acoustics's built-in pickup is rather fried. It's no problem, as I've installed my own pickup in it, but now I have one of those built-in EQ pads that acoustics have lying around.
I was wondering: could I hook this up to an electric guitar, whether directly to the main volume, or even just through a separate cable from guitar->EQ->amp? Would it sound okay, or horrible? I'm not sure how these things are tuned, so it's possible that it may sound bad on an electric.

Anyone have any advice on he subject?

depending on which it is im prettty sure they are just an active eq

the only way to know if itll sound good is if you try it
i cant imagine it sounding too bad though
Piezos and magnetic pups have very different frequency responses and piezos have a very low output compared to magnetics. This will work but may not work well. thats not to say dont bother trying. you cant learn if you dont try anything.