Before I go into too much detail, take what I say with a grain of salt, as I don't really like this genre as much, nor do I like giant clean sections (but you do it so well in the beginning!)

First off, nice song!

Whenever I first listen to a custom song, I always first think just how similar to a real song it sounds. (This doesn't mean songs that don't sound like a traditional song are bad, it's just an interesting factor to look for). And let me tell you this definitely sounds like a song I'd hear being played on Rock Band or something.

Before I go part by part, I'm just gonna summarize what I thought...

The beginning sections were amazing, just wow. The only part I didn't like was the repetitiveness of the 81-153 sections (I didn't like that clean part, and it was sandwhiched by two exactly the same choruses).


The bass intro and small clean work is very nice, and soooo pleasing to the ear. The drums fit perfectly as well, nice simplistic tom work, gives it the verse feel.

The melody of the lyrics is pretty good too, a little minor scale usage, not outright minor and not outright feel-goodie-pop sound either.


The chorus gets the job done, but I feel like there needs to be some other distortion guitar layer or some harmony on it. Hearing the "dah duh duh duh" *pause* "dah duh duh duh" over and over again gets boring (bars 35 and 36, for example). Drums are standard, nothing to say about them. This section I feel would probably be powerful if recorded right, and not viewed in the context of a tablature program :/


OK this needs a special mention because I must say, the chord choice for 57-60 is just amazing. The f# minor chord in various forms is just groovy and works well.


After this, I kind of lost interest in the song, but that is just because it isn't really my genre of choice. The bridge from 97-120 definitely isn't what I normally listen to, sounds way too feel-good and major for my taste, heh heh.


I like this section! Although I don't know why it's called piano but my program is representing it with a violin.... Anyway it's a nice little blurb at the end that is pleasing to listen to, nice job.


Once again, this wasn't really my genre, so don't take my opinion on the chorus and bridges. I did enjoy the verses, especially the chord choices, and I LOVED the bass intros to everything, nice work on that (too bad the bass doesn't get any variance in the bridge from 97-120 though ).

C4C? It's fine if it isn't your genre either :P