I have been playing for roughly 6 months, i think i'm progressing fine but i want to be the absolute best i can possibly be, i know chords and some scales, would a guitar teacher greatly enhance my progress? also would jamming with other players greatly help?

Cheers for help
Jamming with other people always helps. It's one of the best things you can do for your playing in my opinion.

Teachers... a good one will be of almost immeasurable help but a bad one can actually be damaging. If you are going to get a teacher don't be afraid to ask questions and make 100% sure you are learning exactly what you want to be learning. A lot of people make the mistake of being completely passive when they're being taught but you should take an active part in it: make sure you're getting the most out of your money and never be afraid to quit and find someone else if the person you've gone to doesn't meet your standards or help you with things you want to learn.
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Both would definitely help, I was taught, and every day, I meet self-taught guitarists who I can outplay despite having played for half the time they have, with a good teacher, you'll get to where you want to be quickly and efficiently. I've found that as you become a more advanced guitar player, you'll be able to teach yourself more efficiently, as you'll know how to improve and pick up new techniques, though in your beginner and intermediate stages, you'll be better off with a guitar teacher.

As for jamming with others, yeah, find players better than yourself and play with them, that'll inspire, and almost force you to get to their level. I remember when I started, I was in a GCSE music course when I was one of the weaker guitarists, and seeing better musicians inspired me to become better and challenge myself. By the time the course was finished, a year later, I was the most advanced guitarist there, and by continuing to play with other musicians, I've improved so much from there, so I'd recommend doing both.
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You don't need a teacher.

But a good one will help, there really is no arguing that.
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“A man who mistakes secrets for knowledge is like a man who, seeking light, hugs a candle so closely that he smothers it and burns his hand.”

I think if you want to do anything advanced its best with a teacher that can do it. I mean if you want to play shred, jazz... dont go to a blues rock teacher. It took me alot more years to figure out the guitar than it should take because I didnt have a teacher. We didnt even have the internet when I was learnin.
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Personally I'd definitely recommend a teacher. No good teacher minds if you book a try-out lesson (some even offer one for free!). If he's worth it you'll know by the end of the lesson, if not, try a different one.
If you get a teacher, you'll most probably learn things quicker.
One thing to keep in mind though... any style that your teacher has, will reflect on your playing. Anything from finger positions to picking techniques can be passed on like a disease! (not that it's a bad thing).

Whereas if you hack your way around learning the guitar by yourself, you'll develop "habits" naturally. I'm basically saying, you might learn "some" things faster without a teacher by simply finding the most comfortable way to play. One example can be power-chords. A guitar teacher might teach you to play with your thumb over the top to mute strings and then tell you all other methods are BAD. It's not really the case. There's loads of ways to do things without them being a "bad habit".

I've never had a teacher myself, although after 7 years of playing i wish i had to speed up my learning.

Having said that... learn a few things before getting a teacher. Try to find what you feel is comfortable to play (finger position for certain chords, pick-angle, bends, thumb position, basic things like that). When you've got a general understanding of a few techniques on your own, you can then go to a teacher, and they can help you improve from what you've already got down.

PS. Doing that will save you some money.
Would you guys recommend a teacher from a local music store or a national chain like guitar center?
I've had two different teachers before. One from a local music store for electric guitar, and one at my college for classical guitar. I feel like the teacher that I had for electric didn't help me much at all. Perhaps the lessons were too easy (teaching me open chord songs after I had been playing for a good amount of time) or he just wasn't a good teacher. However I think my classical teacher has really helped my playing.

One problem though with the lessons (especially my electric) is I find that I spend too much time during the week trying to learn what they want me too instead of what I would like to learn on my own. I feel like I can find anything I want to learn on the internet, but with my lessons I spend a lot of time learning their stuff. Should I just be more active in my lessons and say I want to learn how to improvise, play blues, and use Hendrix rhythm ideas in my own playing? For example?
Thanks guys! I think it i'll get a teacher, after all it worth a shot ayy! Cheers guys