Why is it always referred to as Voodoo CHILD (slight return)? I have the real Electric Ladyland album and there is 2 versions, Voodoo Chile, and Voodoo CHILE (slight return). its called Voodoo Chile (slight return) on the album. But for some reason people only call the first one by its real name (voodoo chile) and they call the slight return one Voodoo Child.

Am I missing something?
If I had to guess, and this is just a completely uniformed guess, but it's probably proper confusing and people don't wanna type out Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).
? pretty sure the shorter version is always "Voodoo Child", and the long jam is "Voodoo Chile". what really grinds my gears is how many people aren't aware of the big one.
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Well on the official Jimmi Hendrix Album both the shorter version and longer jam are titled "Voodoo Chile" but the shorter one has (slight return) after it.