the guitars don't sound bad, but the vocals....sound like shit sorry but you asked, expect for the one part i put a comment on. I feel like right after that part where you go into the beginning could use something a little more. but otherwise it sounds pretty decent like i said vocals arent my style but we can't agree on everything! oh and the solo part is pretty good too good job there.


check out my band we just released a new song and tell me what YOU think haha
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Some parts sounded like System of a Down tbh.

Update your recording gear. Get better stuff, better quality demos. Gauruntee you'll get fans. This stuff is weird, but good. Your vocalist isn't bad either, the recording just isn't doing him justice and his voice isn't mixed in properly.

Hell, if you were interested, you could send me the stems and i'll try to mix it for you.
Not to be a dick and beat a dead horse but...

About "Reach"..

The singer's yelling/raspy vocals aren't bad at all but the clean singing is mostly shit. Sounds like he has major tune issues. He sounds like he could be better just working on it a bit more though.

When clean he almost vaguely sounds Brandon Boydish but with nowhere near as much range.

The whole song is like a bizarre yet cool mix of Vampire Moose, Systematic, old Incubus, and even old Metallica. Instrumentally it's solid though but yes please upgrade your gear or just use better-sounding distortion. The music is fine though. I recommend keeping the singer for the heavy singing but definitely find a new guy, make him practice more or modulate it for the clean/light stuff.
What kind of recording gear would you folks recommend?

Also, I appreciate the input. It is funny because a lot of people have been hating on the harsher vocals and praising the clean vocals so it is nice to get some more input from you guys as well on the music.

Maybe this song would change your minds?

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This tune is kind of a good a.d.d. Style mix of heavy. I dont think you have gear issues really i think its all just a matter of mixing things better and eq-ing some things here and there. A touch of reverb would do wonders on this track especially the vocals. The playing is good and the vocals arent really that bad honestly. Just need some tweaking. Feel free to check out my track.

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This kinda reminds me of a laid back version of Meshuggah
Drums could be a tad more distinctive, but I really like the guitar and bass mix.
Mix aside, I really liked most of the rhythms used, especially the chorus and that choppy breakdown. Good stuff bro.

Yeah, about those vocals......
I'm sure the vocals would sound better in a live setting
The vocals patterns are solid for this type of music though. I suggest distorting the shit out of them in order to match the instrumental vibe and quality

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My mixing is nowhere near where it should be, I'm just looking for critique on the tunes themselves as far as songwriting and riffing goes.
Thanks guys, I do appreciate it. It is kind of strange because people had first trashed me on the harsh vocals and praised the cleans. Then it was the other way around. Now @bdof and @IPLAYBASS think the vocals are fine, just some better quality mixing could help. I am a little torn on what to do haha.