So I've been working on recording a solo project, if I had to give it a genre title it would probably be a little folky acoustic stuff mixed with some alternative punk/pop, for the past couple of months and I'm almost done recording everything it's a six song EP and I play all the instruments and everything so I knew going into this project if I wanted to do any live performances I'd need to get a back up band and everything. I'm wondering cause after this I want to go online and be releasing a bunch of stuff out on youtube and junk but heck I'm not entirely sure. Cause I love working by myself and everything and I'm not sure how I'm going to transfer it from recordings from my bedroom to live performance and junk, well I know how it's just going to take a while.

I guess my main question is would it be best to do a CD release and everything, cause I'd like to eventually go on tour, but would it be best to take the CD start a band and release it as a thing under the band? I mean I'm honestly just looking for some advice on this, like an if you were in my situation sort of thing. If you were releasing a new CD or whatever would you start a new band or start to just release junk online. Cause I'm not sure exactly where to go with this, and I'm just looking for some extra insight, hope I put this in the right section :P haha
The band I'm in has this drummer issue which we solved with a Line 6 JM4 unit. Its actually a looper pedal and has drums and stuff in it but the feature we use the most is the SD card part where we put our CD mono quality (don't quote me on that I'm just a bass player) and it plays back our drums, back up vocals, and synths. If you want to do the next song just turn the nob and hit play.

This is what we did at the show last weekend

Also I'm pretty sure John 5 and bucket head play over top of a recorded track.

Hope this helps