I liked it, pretty cools riffs here and there, decent tone. It got a little weird near the end, but I like weird. Pretty cool solo after that too. I enjoyed it, nice job
I liked it mate, great song that got the feet tapping, especially the second half of the song. Can I ask what you used for the drums?
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I liked it mate, great song that got the feet tapping, especially the second half of the song. Can I ask what you used for the drums?

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I'm loving that intro riff, especially that EQing at the very beginning. The second riff is pretty cool, I like the note combinations you chose, they worked very well harmonically. The part with the toms built up really well to that next bit and those little screeches worked really well in the song. Some pretty cool pick scrapes there too. I'm typing as I listen btw :P Those drums sound really authentic, good job with that. Get some shouty lyrics on this and it would sound really boss. That cool double bass riff is pretty sick, very modern metal sounding, I like it, sweet pinch harmonics too.

Those harmonies in the solo sounded so A7x but in a really cool way, you really got that sounding great, the rhythm guitar underneath is very solid too. Loved the wah solo, really great tone you had on it. The outro lead guitar came in quite nicely too, and it's finished.

Really great piece there, you've really caught that modern rock essence in there, I loved it

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First off I just wanna say My apologies for not critiqueing sooner I've been real busy I've been stumpt with things but I didnt forget about u , anyway regarding this modern rock 8 track I like it am interested in the tone and the phasin thing u did in the intro, this sounds really nice
I enjoyed it keep up the good work = )
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Some pretty bad ass riffs in there. I feel like the weakest aspect of the song is that the drums feel very robotic at times, maybe add a bit more dynamics and drum fills to liven it up? the endings pretty damn awesome though. I would love any feedback you could give me on my song shifting sands i posted in here as well man. keep rocking
This was choice man! Loved the screeching noises in the chorus-really helped it break out of the 'generic' mould you seem to think it's in (wrongly). Likewise with the stuff I write, it's not meant to be instrumental so vocals will make it all the better. What did you record the guitars through? They sound really tight- both tone and performance wise. I think that in the breakdown with the double kick work in it, at about 3:03 something needs to change with the cymbals, it feels as though it's getting a bit too repetitive at that point. Was great though, really enjoyed it!
I love your playing style! Towards the begining I was hoping for it to blow my head off when the full song kicked in but there wasnt enough of a dynamic there. I would consider automating your output channel to lower the volume on the intro and a hard punch up when the full band kicks in. Also, It sounds like the guitars are single tracked and mono. Would love to hear this tune with a full effort.. LOVE LOVE LOVE your guitar tone but not how you captured it. I can hear its there, but I can't get into it because of the recording. I may be being too harsh tho for the amount of effort you put into it. I would love to see this song develop further... It is catchy! Good job!
On one level, I'm thinking this is the kind of song I used to avoid listening to in 2001 because all rock started to sound like this but then at the same time, the passage of time has been kind to certain things and that opening riff is catchy as all hell. I can already hear vocal melodies flying around all over this, very professional sounding and with a good vocal over that catchy riff, this could seriously go places. Great stuff.

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