Hey guys,

Wondered if any of you guys had some good resources on open tunings? Can't really find any good chart charts / books for open tunings. I want to learn a bunch of chords to play about with in open tunings, Specifically open G
maybe some more weird ones like D5.

Any good resources would be GREATLY appreciated! post em here anything. And any good suggested books I should maybe buy.

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Learn some theory and make your own chords.
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Learn some theory and make your own chords.

+1. The chords that fit when you tune to open G-major are the same as when you play in standard. Learn the chords you can play in standard & transpose them into the new tuning then experiment. Nothing else you can really do.
Here are a couple of charts I made after doing the same thing suggested above (learning chord theory). The open D voicings can also be used in open E (just move the names up one step) and the open A voicings can be used in open G. Sorry if there are any errors, it's a lot of chords and I can't say I've checked ALL of them! Also, there are a ton of ways of playing certain chords in open tunings, so this isn't totally comprehensive, but that's where the theory comes in so you can alter them for what you think sounds best!

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