So I have some thrash/heavy metal recordings, and my friend is going to come over next week to record some bass. I want to lay down a scratch track for him to see a reference on, and I was wondering if the bass usually follows the same note duration as the guitar.
Such as the typical thrash palm muted 16 note rhythm by the guitar, does the bass also do 16 notes? Because it sounds fine both 8 and 16.

I know the answer depends, but I'm just asking what have you seen in general
It's completely up to the bass player

If it's chuggachugga metal then the bass tends to just play exactly what the guitar does, just only on the lowest string of the note. If it's more technical stuff, the bass might not even be playing anything remotely similar to the guitar, or may be creating a rhythm (or melody), while the guitar does the opposite.
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