Hey there, thanks for commenting on my work

Sometimes was really cool! I liked the panning you used on that main riff synth, it gave it a really cool effect! I would say go for a more tight snare drum, but it does sound good. Bass drum sounds nice and punchy. Vocals are nice and abstract, reminded me a bit of The Cure's weirder work, very Human League-esque. The high part the woman sings is really haunting in a good way. Really good, professional sounding track, excellent work.

Mutation Station was also really cool and tight, reminded me of 9 Inch Nails quite a bit, you layer your sounds very well, it never gets too busy, or too empty. The little eastern sounding riff in there was very interesting, I liked that, especially when that guitar riff came back in behind it.

Really interesting tracks, I liked them a lot! Sorry I took a while getting back to you, and thanks again for checking my stuff out.
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Finally got these to work, sorry about that. I really liked Mutation Station, it changed itself up a lot but still kept a good flow and a good vibe. I also liked that middle eastern part, that was really cool I would have liked to hear a little more of that actually.

Sometimes was also really good, the main little rhythm was super catchy. It feels like the intro to like an 80's cop thriller or something, I just a scene of driving through like a nighttime Detroit with lots of weirdly angled shots of the street lights and cars, if that makes sense haha. Nice work overall!
well, I'm going a bit out of the genres that I usually do, but hey, that's what's makes it interesting :-) (and in return I'll ask you to critique mine that is probably out of your genre, LOL!)

You know, having said that, I think I might have reviewed one of your other songs before. You have a cool retro 80s sound to me, which is cool.
Mix wise "Mutation Station" sounds well balanced. Your timbres/synth choices sound appropriate for this style, although that sitar-like synth at 1:17 sounds a little bit cheesy. But other than that, I think the arrangement sounds good, and the drum machine parts match it well.

"Sometimes": I found this song a little more interesting arrangement wise, and also the vocals too (I tend to prefer vocals over instrumentals in certain genres). This song also sounds balanced mix-wise to me. I like the flanger/phaser effect on your vocals, it fits the overall vibe well. On second listen, I think the female vocals complement the song well, I wasn't sure on the first listen. Overall, I think this is solid but again, this genre isn't what I listen to often.

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Listening to Mutation Station. I have to agree with the person above me that that sitar synth was pretty cheesy, even for this genre style. Having listened to your other songs you're able to keep up your style of sound even in instrumentals which is good, although I feel like this song could easily have vocals over it. Kinda sounds like some video game music or something as is.
lol @ 167 songs.

that's pretty crazy, man.

as for Mutation Station.... kinda cheezy but I still enjoyed listening to it.

nice work.
Thanks for the feedback.

Well i'm not a big fan of electronic music so my opinion may be on faulty ground. I think the sound is polished. The effects work well with the riffs. I would add more bounciness in the rhythm at some points. It all seems to be too sterile.
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Hey man, thanks for critiquing another one of my works. I'll preface this by saying that electronic music and synthesizers in particular aren't my cup of tea, but I think I say that every time I critique one of your songs. So, on to the critique for Mutation Station.

Production value is high as it was with your other works. The first melody you introduce is bolstered by the kick drum quite a bit and it progresses with the introduction of another melody. The layers sit well upon one another here. While I said I didn't listen to this kind of music, I am sitting here nodding my head here. Prior to adding in the sitar-sounding instrument, I really like it, but the sitar is a bit cheese for me, but again, I don't really like the sound of synths so that's a personal thing. The reintroduction of the original melody fits well with the sitar melody though. Around 2:15 or so in, I think you would do well to introduce a layer that uses a sixteenth note feel to really up the intensity before bringing it down with the ambient helicopter-esque sound (that's the only way I can think of describing it) at the end.

Overall, I enjoyed it, which you should take as a big compliment because as I said before, this isn't the type of music I listen to every day.
Very nice, sounds excellent as always. I gave Mutation Station a listen and I enjoyed it. Quality is great and everything sounds good as usual. Nice work keep it up
Mutation Station: the main riff is cool! I like your use of panning (panning is really important, in my opinion). You use different sounds in one song, which makes it really dynamic (like the sitar). I especially enjoyed the part from around 2:20 till the ending. I'm not a big fan of this kind of music, but this is cool!

Sometimes: this sounds like an '80s crime movie or something, haha. The vocals are cool. I do however feel like they don't sit in well with the other instruments yet. Maybe just turn them down a little (especially the lower voice). Also maybe you could make the ending more climatic. I think I prefer Mutation Station over Sometimes.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1598038 Thanks!
I'll start with Mutation Station. I like the riff work that it starts out with, if I could say one thing to start off it would be that the main riff is brought out more so that it offers a good background for the synth that comes in in front of it. I like the synth pattern at roughly 2:25 as well, and it transitions well into the outro portion at the end. Nothing really bad I have to say about this one.

Now for Sometimes. I like the panning effect in the beginning, how the sounds are in beat but transition between right and left. The main beat sort of sounds like an 80's television show haha but I like the feel. Very interesting vocals, not sure if the lower of the two vocalists sounds as good as it could, not that it is out of key but the timbre of the voice doesn't sound as eerie as it should given the context of what is going on at that point. That is all I really have to say though, good job on both tracks! And thank you for the review
Thx for the C4C. Like Shaco said, it's pretty cheesy sounding, but the sound quality and the production are very VERY good. This would actually be really good old school side scrolling video game music

The panning and overall ambiance is just excellent. Not really my thing, but it was a cool listen.
sometimes and mutation station were pretty cool. it was a nice change of pace for me. id say the vocals in sometimes were a touch too loud. they seem a little too "in your face" for my taste, but thats a preference. otherwise i thought the majority of your stuff was pretty cool. good job.
Cheers for the crit!

Listened to Mutation Station, sounded like I was playing something like Super Metroid! Was really cool, you seem to know what sound your going for as all of the effects and instruments complimented eachother.

Good Job.
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Mutation Station:
Electro and synths ain't my thing but this has appeal. Reminds me of some of the early game sound tracks. there is a good use of layers and the eastern part is very cool.
the mix is very strong and it al flows well, every sound has its own space and very clear.

Good intro, again got that early gaming vibe to the sound. there's something uneasy and dark in your choice of notes. I like that.
the vocals tracks seem to be offbeat to each other, dunno if that was the plan but it unsettles me as a listener, also the delay to the vocals seems mismatched to the tracks tempo.

Overall I enjoyed Mutation Station more and felt it wa s the stronger track.
Listened to mutation station. Very odd synth guitar sound, reminds me of prodigy. Very cool eastern sounding melody later. The whole thing has kinda an 8 bit feel to it wich i enjoy. My only complain about it is that it has kinda too much stuff somethimes, and the song itself dosent make perfect sense to me (i guess maybe that was the point). But overall very creative!