I was planning on buying a new guitar. I will most probably play rhythm guitar in a group, mainly thrash metal so looking around for a good and not too much expensive guitar, i found out the LTD EX 360 was perfect for me. Maybe someone that already has this model or something similar could tell me if it's worth its price (around 650 euros)?

Also i need a new amp since my 15 W Yamaha will not make it xD. I'm a great fan of Metallica and their sound and i know they made the combination between active EMG/Mesa Boogie famous, but i'm not so confindent in buying a tube amp and i really like the "rawness" of solid state amps. In any case, someone knows any good solid state amp? Or i really need a tube? I'm planning on spending 350, maximum 400 euros, and i already got a Boss ML2. Thanks!
Where in Europe are you?

Is the 400 euro limit for both guitar and amp?

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Nope, only for the amp!!! About the money i can't spend too much on it, around 400 euros, maybe a little more but not something too much expensive. And i'm from Italy!
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