Hi, Am new to the forum. Have been playing for about 2 yrs, and need some help figuring out one part. Hope it's ok if i put this link to this live performance here.

There is a tab on UG by Tommy Snowdown which is good for most of it, but the part around 0:40 and 2:00 where they get to "the bridge" and he sings "Rusty breeze...let me in.....", I can't figure out what Joey Z is doing there? His hand is definitely up close to the nut more of the time, and it looks like maybe an E maj chord? and i can't really tell.

I guess he's strumming the part on the verse, and then starts to rake with some variation in the rhythm on this part? Also, seems like it might be a different effect which I cannot hear that well.

Can anyone help me understand how to play this?


Angry Tree live
I guess these links are not allowed, well, anyway, if you youtube the song and artist it's the live performance on "VIVA Overdrive" that i was referring to

the tab on UG
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