well... i have a little problem. I've been playin' the axe around 3\5 years, self-taught, nonstop... And have been learning necrophgaist about 5 months... I learned Culinary Hyperversity, Diminished to B, Stabwound, Foul Body Autopsy... and the two Stillborns... beside that "I Need New Hands solo"... you know bloody well witch one... otherwise, the songs have treated me good

Recently... i have been trying to learn Epitaph... and it went good, like all the others. The trouble starts with a riff, as usual... the two riffs i'm talking about start at about 1:25 and ends at about 2:07... Now, some things happen in my right arm, below the palm, in the wrist, during those two riffs... it feels like something is tearing apart. i really cant describe it... it feels like a string would pop, it causes a very brief moment of pain, like a prick, then it goes to my palm and i lose control over my fingers... it all happens very fast, it's a split second... I've been going at it for two weeks now, still happens... I shouldn't be that difficult, considering the other stuff from them i've learned... I really don't think it's carpal tunnel thingy, in only 3 good years of playing. And i'm getting pissed off, cause i refuse to play anything else until i learn the song, as it was with all the others.... Oh, and i'm playing the structure that Sami R. is playing live, if that helps.

The only other time that something similar happened, was during a Exhorder's Desecrator song... and the riff at about 5:30 witch is the same riff they play in the beginning somewhere, only faster. during that a simmilar thing happened to me, but it wasn't this bad, and i managed after a while.

So... anyone got any ideas, solutions, similar probles... please let me know.
I'd love to hear it. Peace.
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I would take it to a doctor or other expert, and DO NOT play in the meantime, at least not that part. Guitar playing should never hurt. Also, a lot of people don't know Necrophagist here, so they wouldn't know which solo you mean with "I need new hands"- solo.
He might be talking about the Solos in "The Stillborn One" as the "Need new Hands" one.

This is in your picking hand, right?

You might be tensing up to much and using too large of an arm motion for the pedal point. Try using nothing but your wrist to pick with the smoothest, most economical motion you can create.
Oh i'm sorry dudes... i meant my left hand, fingering hand, not the picking one. My bad....
And yeah i am referring to "the Stillborn One" solo. It just seems Impossible for now, or in the far future for that matter ....but i'll get to it.
It's kinda hard not to play it, cause i'm obsessed with it now. i'll keep that riff at a distance for now... @Life Is Brutal, i think you are right, i don't think i'm playing it right... that's why it's happening... To much movement of the whole arm... I'ts hard for me to get any pointers, cause nobody plays or even knows Necrophagist around here, or they fraud upon such technicality And i've noticed, when i play it slow i don't move my arm so much. Maybe my skills just aren't good enough for those kind of speeds... That Alternate string skipping is a bitch!!! it's harder for me to master that sweeping. Ill keep it slow for now, until i hear some handy advice or see a doctor or somebody that could help..