Coming home from a rehearsal 12 AM through Uptown Dallas.

Red Pickup came up on my bumper and I decelerated, expecting them to pass.

Made an evasive move away from them, they mirrored.
Made a quick U Turn, they followed at great speed.
Made a quick Left, they pursued.
Made another quick U Turn as they were accelerating into my rear end.
They corrected half a block down and raced after me,
I took a Right back to the scene of the first U Turn.
They continued pursuit.

I gave up and braced for impact with all my gear in the back of the mini van expecting to be injured and my equipment and the vehicle totaled out as I bet that I might make it to Love Field where Cops, TSA, and SWAT might get the guy.

Praise GOD he broke off the assault.

Going out to check on my gear.
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This really isn't a single thread material. Can you move this to the general "forum thread that is stickied at the top of the page?

And glad you are ok. Gear is replaceable, humans as a general rule are not.