I know this has been covered but I want your opinions. I've real marshall reflector, line 6 verbzilla, even corned beef are the best. I'm looking for a spring reverb pedal that has a lot of options and is cheap. Willing to spend about 100 eBay dollars. Thanks guys.
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You can grab a used hall of fame.
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See if you can find a used Mooer ShimVerb and give it a try and see if it floats your boat. That's the cheapest I can think of sub-$100 brand new.
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I've seen Alesis Quadraverbs go for under $100 on ebay. Not only will you get sensational reverb but also great chorus, delay and other shit. They are a rack unit and work best in the loop. You can switch them using standard keyboards sustain pedals which cost about $20.
Here's one in action:

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It may be a little tough to find on eBay, but check out the Danelectro Spring King. it has actual springs in it. The only downside is it takes up a lot of real estate on your pedalboard.
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I'm sure you could find a great deal on a Holy Grail Nano on ebay... its a real common pedal