FOR SALE - LANEY VH100R + FS4 footswitch and Ashdown 4x12 Stereo cab!
Selling this monster of an amp cause I'm skint and I don't own a house big enough to blast it in, nor gig enough to justify it!

This amp can do anything; sparkling jangly cleans to full-on disgusting gain and everything in between. The amp's had about £100 worth of tube upgrades and runs like a sweetie!
Currently paired up with a crackin' wee solid 4x12 Ashdown cabinet, which can be run stereo if you have another head!
Looking for £550 ONO for the head and £150 ONO for the cab, but I'll take offers. Especially ones concerning road-legal, good condition 2-wheeled 125cc engined swaps. Obviously these swaps would have to be local to Glasgow/Edinburgh, or central Scotland in general, unless you wanna bring the bike to me and find yer own way home (since I don't drive).


Any q's gimme a shout, cheers!